Technical Writer 2

Location: United States, Remote

Job Type: Web/Content Development, Marketing and Sales

Posted: Friday, May 17, 2024

Job Description

Writers would write, edit, and manage technical content to be used by technicians in Microsoft data centers when conducting repairs. Writers would also be asked to update and manage process documentation, style guide.

technical writer role JD.
1. Draft new procedure content and procedures using Microsoft proprietary tooling. Develop procedure content based on service guides and feedback from subject matter experts.
2. Edit existing procedure content and procedures using proprietary Microsoft tooling as needed.
3. Reuse section content wherever possible to optimize reusability and reduce duplicative content.
4. Use Azure DevOps to monitor and prioritize tasks in the work queue.
5. Manage procedure content and metadata:
a. Manage sectional content to optimize reusability.
b. Deprecate unused content.
c. Update metadata as needed.
d. Ensure content is tagged to ensure batched procedures are rendered, manage content effectively, and optimize content reuse.
e. Create validation rules to reduce likelihood of publication errors (when tooling becomes available).
f. Build procedure templates to increase publication efficiency and reduce risk of errors (when tooling becomes available).
6. Follow change management guidelines when publishing and deprecating procedure content.
7. Participate in projects to update or improve procedures based on business needs.
8. Work with team members to identify and resolve drops in procedure coverage. Update procedures accordingly.
9. Follow style guide standards.
10. Update and manage existing process documentation.
11. Manage and make improvements to style guide as needed to improve readability and accessibility.
12. Suggest tooling and processes improvements for authoring efficiency and technician user experience to the DCIS Breakfix PM team.
13. Provide weekly status reports regarding work completed.
14. Attend publication calls (likely weekly).
15. Attend weekly check-in calls.
• Standard signal Breakfix procedures for new and existing hardware
• Investigative Breakfix procedures
• Breakfix procedures to meet various initiatives (e.g. discrete network ticketing procedures, hardware upgrade procedures)
• Management of Breakfix content and metadata located in the GDCO App procedure authoring tool
• Management of internal process documentation and style guide

Job Requirements

• Years of Experience Required – 2+
• Degrees or certifications required – none required. If they have a technical writing certificate that is a plus.
• Disqualifiers – none.
• Best vs. Average –
• New program so looking for candidates who will be flexible with the developments and changes that come
• If they have knowledge about servers (an IT hardware) that is a major plus
• Prefer those from a technical background
• Experience in in creating documentation for a technical audience
• Excellent writing, editing, and communication and critical thinking skills

• Performance Indicators – quality of work

1. Technical writing experience | 2+ Years of Experience
2. Knowledge of technical style guides| 2+ Years of Experience
3. Project Management | 1+ Years of Experience

Typical Day in the Role

• Typical task breakdown and operating rhythm – 40% developing procedure content, 20% editing existing procedure content, 20% content management, 10% meetings/publication sessions, 10% updating process documentation and improving style guides
• Interaction level with sponsor/team – moderate
• Chance for extension later? – Yes
• Expected working hours – Monday – Friday, 40 hours
• Location Requirements & EC Details – No workspace/offsite



Desired Start Date


Hours Per Week


Candidate Value Proposition

• Team Culture – friendly, open, helpful, passionate
• Unique selling points –
• It’s an opportunity to work in developing procedure content in cloud operations. Fast growing environment. It supports Microsoft AI initiative (a lot of the work will be focused on the servers that are powering AI).

You can email your Resume/CV to with the subject Technical Writer 2 - 136295-1.