Communications Specialist 3

Location: United States

Job Type: Project and Program Management

Posted: Friday, April 19, 2024

Job Description

Top Skills Details
• Microsoft experience required
• Project management
• Quality control
• Content development
• Writing

Candidate will be required to program manage specific aspects of this org in regards to writing, content development, SharePoint management and team communications. They will be responsible for meeting fast changing deadlines which support the entire MS sellers community. They need to be very detail focused as there is a lot of communications and compliance in order to make sure the compensation is correct in each seller segment. The role will be responsible for outlining, creating and then managing the compensation of any seller selling a product which is 30,00 sellers globally.

Additional Skills & Qualifications
Training Support
1. Familiar and able to help with compliance and accessibility requirements
2. Detail oriented and able to provide quality control and consistency across a large amount of assets
3. Familiar with SCORM or articulate 360 a bonus but not required

Modern SharePoint site support
1. Help to maintain the Incentive Compensation site: familiar with the structure of the site, knows how to create new pages, add content in the various forms, and make updates throughout (proofreading text, checking for links, taking quality and detailed images)
2. Report issues with SharePoint and take accountability to follow up until resolved
3. Update SharePoint lists for Power BI tools
4. Manage and maintain an Aka list (vanity for URLs)

WWIC Ed support
1. Drafting invites
2. Taking attendance
3. SharePoint support (adding events to event list, sending out recaps, updating WWIC Ed page w/ latest)

RAIN support
1. Program manage content updates for Quota Navigator module
2. Share workback timeline with key stakeholders and ensure deadlines are met
3. Clearly defined content storage system for easy upload of content in RAIN

Communications support
1. Proofreader - extra set of eyes; make suggestions when things seem off - someone who will test every link
2. Take advance notice mails and prep them in Bananatag - BT experience would be great, but not needed if they're someone who picks up programs quickly
3. Detail oriented to the point of seeing when our templates don't match with each other, and fixing them. This person notices every weird word that accidentally gets bolded, or sees the extra period at the end of a bulleted sentence, or notices when one stupid link reverts back to Calibri
4. Maintain our internal document support - matching sent comms to their draft folders
5. Running Bananatag stats and making inferences about the data. Active on BT forum and representing us to get questions/issues addressed - reporting back
6. Putting together the Manager Moment/Resource Reminder
7. Maintaining our template library in BT and keeping it up to date (would be nice if this person had some spatial/design sensibilities)

Additional Information
• Project management: Manage key communications rhythms and complex projects for multiple stakeholders across the group
• SharePoint: Maintain document libraries and permissions, updating as needed
• Writing: Author clear and concise communications to simplify complex business and technology topics related to incentive compensation. Craft field content and messaging to be leveraged in field channels including direct emails, newsletters, and online resources
• Content development: PowerPoint skills required; Articulate 360 experience a plus
• Characteristics to excel in this Role: Eager to take on challenges; detail oriented; able to identify, prioritize and plan work; able to understand larger context of the business, but willing to execute on the details; good communication skills – able to distill complex information into stories and messages that can be easily understood

Notes about skills/fit:
• SUPER detail oriented
• Critical thinker – doesn’t have to come up with strategy or anything, but someone who can read between the lines a LITTLE bit and propose solutions/value engineer a process (metaphorically speaking, if we dump a bunch of stuff on the table, this person can sort through it and figure out how to prioritize, what the end state should look like, and work toward that)
• SOME design skills – nothing fancy, but can tell if things look off in ppt or SharePoint as well as find inaccuracies or errors in a video production
• Resourceful
• Proactively checks in/sets meetings/reaches out for understanding/seeks for projects
• Good time management (i.e., gets things done quickly and doesn’t procrastinate)
• NOT AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS – our content is complex and if you are not confident or even if you are confident, don’t be afraid to ask questions or validate work. Answering a question is much less time-consuming than having to redo all the work you did because you were not confident in what you were doing.

Job Requirements

• Years of Experience Required – Looking for 5-7 years of experience with communication. Looking for someone who is a project manager. 2-3 years of project management experience is required.
• Degrees or certifications required – Bachelor’s degree.
• Disqualifiers – No
• Best vs. Average – Best performer is someone with Microsoft experince
• Performance Indicators – Based on quality of work and meeting deadlines.

1. Writing | 5-7 Years of Experience
2. Project Management | Required 2-3 Years of Experience
3. Microsoft Suite Knowledge | Required 5 Years of Experience

Typical Day in the Role

• Typical task breakdown and operating rhythm – This role consists of 20% meetings (team and with manager). 40% updating things on Sharepoint site, 10% organization, and 30% communication.
• Interaction level with sponsor/team – High level of interaction with the sponsor & colleagues
• Chance for extension later? – possibly
• Expected working hours – Monday – Friday 40 hours per week.
• Location Requirements & EC Details – Fully Remote



Desired Start Date


Hours Per Week


Candidate Value Proposition

• What makes this role interesting? – Team is dynamic, fun, and works very hard
• Team Culture – Everyone is good at what they do, motivating, and the people are great to work with.
• Unique selling points – Opportunity to work for Microsoft
• Value added or experience gained – Learn a lot about incentive compensation, writing experience, and communication experience

You can email your Resume/CV to with the subject Communications Specialist 3 - 136506-1.